A/V Technician, Podcast Consultant and Public Speaker

Christopher JordanAV Ninja

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Speaking is one of the best ways to help others find their path as well as inspire them to do something to help better their life and explore the options before them.

Whether telling the story of his personal journey to self-employed fulfillment, encouraging students to find their passion and a way to make a living with it, or teaching corporate workshops and podcasting boot camps, Chris loves sharing his knowledge and wisdom as well as his unique talking/teaching style with audiences of all ages.

Topics Available

  • You are the key to manifestation
  • From 9-5 to self-employment
  • Attitude+Effort = Success!
  • Earning a living via your passion/hobby
  • Pitfalls of Self Employment
  • First Steps to starting a home business
  • Corporate Speaker/Presenter Bootcamps
  • Podcasting Boot Camp (from tech to distribution)
  • So you want to start a podcast?
  • Starting a podcast network
  • Monetizing your podcast
  • Building podcasts for business, school and churches

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