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Podcasts are a moving force in the new horizon of digital media. With years of experience in broadcast engineering and production Chris brings a unique style and method to his podcast hosting and production. After many years of hosting the Curious Realm,  Dudes n Beer Podcast and the Talking Sound Podcast, Chris made the step with his wife and fellow podcast host Amy Jordan, host of the Yes But Why Podcast, to found the HC Universal Network of podcasts. Together with their venture PodcastCadet.com they help others find their way through the forest of information involved in launching and maintaining podcasts. Please do tune in and follow my shows.

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The light of truth shines in darkness!

Curious Realm sheds light on the hard conversations and fringe topics usually skipped over by mainstream media. We believe that within these conversations lies the opportunity to build unity, understanding and common empathy among people and by avoiding them we are effectively stunting our growth as a human society! Join us as we delve into the deepest realms of human curiosity and beyond. Visit our LISTEN LIVE page and join the conversation every Tuesday night at 8pm CST!

The Dudes and Beer Podcast is a modern discourse on life and humanity. While enjoying a few beers we discuss topics in the news such as politics, religion, art, science and even call into question the motives of mainstream media. We delve into the supernatural and paranormal as well as take a profound look into the human condition. Sometimes deep, occasionally controversial, but always fun and informative Dudes and Beer is solving the World’s problems 12 ounces at a time…

With years of experience in both live and studio engineering of audio
and video your host, Christopher Jordan brings to light not only the
technical breakdown of how things work together and how to achieve the best results but the pitfalls, conundrums and the issues that arise from running live shows, broadcasts, recording and audio for film and games as well.  Add to this a steady stream of guests ranging from recording artists, live and studio engineers as well as video game audio designers, foley artists, soundtrack composers and so much more…

welcome to the Podcast Cadet Training Series brought to you by PodcastCadet.com, the HC Universal Network, and HC Productions. Our goal is to answer common questions regarding the technology used by content creators around the world. And to help teach techniques used by professionals broken down into everyday language and application. We
have everything in the series…literally!

 The HC Universal Network of podcasts aims to provide only the best quality content on the internet ranging from topical to niche, instructional to just plain fun, our content is guaranteed to keep get you thinking and scratch that digital media itch. Do you have a podcast or show you have started that fits this model? Would you like to securesponsorship, coupon codes and otherwise monetize your digital media dreams? The HC Universal network is here to help.


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